The Mysterious Benedict Society

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Disney+ - first two eps available from Wed 26 Oct

Having stopped the evil Dr Curtain in his quest to cause a worldwide panic, the four gifted orphans Reynie (Mystic Inscho), Sticky (Seth Carr), Kate (Emmy DeOliveira) and Constance (Marta Kessler), along with their gurus Mr Benedict and Number Two, were maybe due a rest…

But, to entertain the youngsters and keep their minds in mint condition, Mr Benedict and Number Two are travelling around Europe, planting clues for an exciting scavenger hunt. However, when the two mentors suddenly vanish, the kids must follow the hints to find them.

‘After season one, we thought that we’d got the bad guy, the evil brother, Dr Curtain,’ says Tony Hale, who plays twin siblings Benedict and Curtain. ‘Now he kidnaps Benedict and Number Two and they can’t believe he’s reinvented himself as a self-help guru, selling happiness!’

The show is based on a series of children’s books by Trenton Lee Stewart.

‘I was excited that we were getting another season, because there’s so much more story to tell,’ says Kristen Schaal, who plays Number Two. ‘I was nervous because the kids had grown up a lot by the time we started filming again, a year and a half on from season one. But then I found out the story was jumping ahead in time, so it was OK they are all walking young adults now.’

Tony credits the show’s creative team for making it easy to play dual roles…

‘They’re so at the top of their game that it’s almost hard not to get into the character I’m playing,’ he says. ‘Curtain is the evil or “misunderstood” brother and his clothes and office are very dull colours, while Benedict has these warm tones with his wardrobe and the curly wig. The production, design, wardrobe, hair and make-up are so good. They’ve created a world that really helps me.’

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