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Queer as Folk - Season 1

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StarzPlay - First two eps available from Fri 1 Jul

Following the success of the original Manchester-based series from 1999, and its 2000-2005 Pennsylvania-set remake, the third iteration of gay drama Queer As Folk is primed to smash through more boundaries than ever before. Set in New Orleans, the 2022 series focuses not just on gay men and lesbians, but also transgender men and women. ‘So many shows that I love were impacted directly by the original Queer As Folk,’ says trans actress Jesse James Keitel, who plays Ruthie in the new show. ‘It’s iconic, so this is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to be part of something that people love and hold near and dear to their hearts.’

Jesse has recently been starring in crime thriller Big Sky, so faced a dilemma when she was offered the role of Ruthie. ‘It was a tough choice to make,’ she nods. ‘I loved my time on Big Sky. But there was something about the opportunity of working with a group of creators who are writing this character from lived experience that I could relate to. That made me really excited. ‘Ruthie has this great line in the first episode – “You can be trans and toxic. It’s called intersectionality, b****!” I just loved how unapologetically brazen and explicitly trans she is. And how explicitly queer the show is!’ Jesse reveals that she brought her own lived experience to the role. ‘I used to work in nightlife in New York,’ she reveals. ‘So, I’ve had plenty of party days myself, very similar to Ruthie. But there was a turning point where I was like, “Even though this is fun, this isn’t the life I want.” ‘Ruthie is also at that stage. Getting to play someone who wants a wholesome life, but isn’t ready for it, is really fun.’ Tom Spilsbury

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