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Colton Ryan and Elle Fanning star in a true-life crime drama

StarzPlay - eps releasing weekly from Sun 10 Jul

When the body of Conrad ‘Coco’ Roy III is found in his truck at a US store car park following his latest suicide attempt, it appears he’s succumbed to his mental health issues after years of struggle.

But then a police investigation reveals a more sinister twist as a search through his phone uncovers some disturbing texts with his girlfriend Michelle Carter.

Colton Ryan and Elle Fanning play the ill-fated couple in this eight-part series, which is based on a true story, dubbed the ‘texting suicide’ case.

‘I wasn’t wary. “Attracted” feels like the wrong word, it was more a call to arms,’ explains Colton about taking on the role. ‘Coco deserves to be known – he was a great kid. People think they know him, and I’d challenge you to watch it, I think you would be surprised.’

Conrad died in July 2014 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and the first episode reveals his family’s devastation as his body is discovered. They also learn about his relationship with Michelle, who has her own mental health issues.

Switching timelines, the series traces how the couple hooked up, two years earlier, in Florida. Although they only met in person a few times, they connected through texts and emails. The drama also reveals how Michelle encouraged his suicidal thoughts and her eventual conviction for involuntary manslaughter.

‘Their messages operated as our Bible. They shared so much, they are almost overwhelming to read,’ reveals Colton.

Meanwhile the actor, who starred in the film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen, admits the role had an effect on him. ‘He changed me on such a level of how I view myself and my relationship to my own mortality. I get emotions just thinking about it, he’s just so much more than his ending and what people know.’

The Girl From Plainville -- “Turtle” - Episode 102 -- Conrad and Michelle meet in Florida and discover a connection that will follow them back to their respective towns in Massachusetts; Michelle honors Conrad's memory while the police review their text exchanges in the months leading up to his passing. Conrad (Colton Ryan), shown. (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Hulu)
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