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While Cain receives shocking news, a strange bond forms between Kerry and Chas as they both mourn Al’s death…

The aftermath of Al’s death continues to haunt the Dingles this week as Cain languishes behind bars, and things only get worse when he learns that Moira has taken Isaac to join Amy and Kyle in Belfast. What’s more, Mack now knows what really happened on the day of the shooting…

Back in the village, Chas is unnerved when Kerry requests she accompany her to Al’s funeral but comes up with the perfect excuse when she realises the service clashes with the scattering of Liv’s ashes. However, she struggles to keep her emotions in check and when a distraught Vinny opens the urn, she breaks down and rushes home.

Confronted by a shattered Kerry, Chas awkwardly offers her support and manages to get her hands on the funeral Order of Service in the process. In the privacy of The Woolpack, she sadly reads the muted tributes to her lost love and as her façade finally slips, she lets out all her grief and anger in a shocking tirade. Stunned by her outburst, Paddy confides in Lydia that he’s starting to question whether there’s more to his wife’s distress than she’s letting on.

Meanwhile, over at Keepers, Victoria and Chloe sort through Al’s paperwork and soon the penny drops that he was having an affair. Kerry’s devastated by the revelation, and in a strange twist of fate it’s Chas who offers her a shoulder to cry on and encourages her to make a big decision about the future. But how long can she hide the shocking truth?

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