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All hell breaks loose when Cain finds out about Chas’ affair with Al – and soon the crackle of gunfire rings out across the Dales...

Like a dog with a bone, Cain is determined to get to the bottom of the bad blood between Chas and Aaron this week. After an intense interrogation, his sister is certain she has put him off the scent, but when he hears her burner phone vibrating, he knows she has been lying.

Sneaking a look at the incriminating messages, Cain realises Chas has been having an affair, and when he calls the originating number, his mood darkens on hearing Al’s voice on the other end of the line.

Overwhelmed with grief and anger that she could have cheated with his worst enemy, Cain sets a trap and Al falls for his ruse hook, line and sinker when he heads off for a secret rendezvous. Expecting to find Chas waiting, what actually greets the cocky businessman is a steely-eyed Cain pointing a shotgun directly at him…

As a tense stand-off develops, Cain holds Al at gunpoint while he makes it clear just how disgusted he is with both him and Chas – however, his nemesis soon realises he has no intention of killing him and starts to walk away. Refusing to let him off scot-free, Cain physically attacks Al, but as they slug it out, their eyes fall upon the shotgun lying on the ground and at the same time, both men lunge for it.

As they grapple for control of the weapon, across the village Kerry and Chloe are horrified when a shot rings out… Who is in the line of fire – Cain or Al?

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