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Faith’s desperate to take control of her last days on earth – and she wants Moira to be there when
she passes away…

Worried sick about Faith’s bombshell that she intends to take her own life, Moira’s relieved this week
to realise she hasn’t told Cain about her plans. But it soon becomes clear her mother-in-law is still determined to go through with it – and what’s more, she wants her help…

Although she’s deeply reluctant to agree to her desperate request, Moira’s heart goes out to Faith when her health later takes another turn for the worse and, unable to witness her suffering any longer, she relents and says she’ll be by her side when the end comes.

Faith’s overwhelmed with gratitude, but when she’s alone, Moira breaks down and sobs uncontrollably, wondering whether she has made the right choice.

As Cain starts planning hospice care for his mother, Moira’s overwhelmed by guilt and, wanting to enjoy every last minute of her life, Faith tries to blank out his and Chas’ talk of her future by organising a fun day for the family.

The atmosphere is tense as the Dingles try to put on a brave face and, finding herself alone with the tragic pensioner, Moira asks her to share her plans for her death so that she can be ready
when the time comes.

However, Faith refuses her request, insisting that she doesn’t want to implicate her in a crime and wants to have control over her death. Moira’s terrified by the reality of the task ahead. Can she really assist Faith’s suicide?

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