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hey say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and that certainly seems to be true for Chas and Al. Despite their past animosity, it was always clear there was a strong attraction between them and now they’ve given in to their feelings, they’re both prepared to risk everything for just a few hours in each other’s company.

When she discovers her lover is back from his business trip, Chas can hardly contain her excitement – but her hopes of a passionate reunion are shattered as Kerry arrives at The Woolpack, just as eager as she is to spend time with him. Despite her presence, and Paddy’s watchful eye on his wife, the illicit couple manage to arrange a tryst, but Chloe overhears Al booking the hotel room and unwittingly tells Kerry where he’s headed!

Arriving at their love nest, Chas and Al waste no time in making use of the luxurious facilities, but they’re unaware that a glammed-up Kerry is waiting in reception. After their liaison, they prepare to return to the village, but as they head downstairs,
Al spots his girlfriend and quickly ushers an oblivious Chas out before she realises.

As the time ticks by and there’s no sign of Al, Kerry approaches the receptionist and immediately smells a rat when she’s told there’s no Mr Chapman in the hotel. So she heads home to confront him… Is the affair about to be exposed?

Mark Peters

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