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Struggling in the aftermath of the assault, Nicola suffers a panic attack – then mayhem ensues!

The brutal attack she endured has left Nicola a shadow of her former feisty self, and this week it becomes clear just how much she’s suffering after a knock at the door reduces her to a quivering wreck. Luckily, it’s only Bernice trying to enlist her help in making the pitch for the Green Initiative to the council – and Nicola soon realises that agreeing is the ideal way to ensure she’s not left alone.

However, as it later becomes apparent that she’s the only one available to pick up the children from school, she knows she has to face her fears and venture out of the house. Although she makes it to her car, Nicola is immediately overwhelmed by terrifying flashbacks to the assault and, panic-stricken, she slams on the accelerator – only to collide with David’s van. He’s furious, and as he starts yelling in her face, she rushes back into the house and bolts the door behind her.

More distressed than ever, Nicola soon spots the perfect opportunity to avoid going out again by exaggerating the symptoms of Carl’s illness to keep him at home. Sadly, he soon grows fed up with being locked away and flees from the house. The prospect of following him ignites a full-on panic attack, and when Nicola realises that someone is in the garden, she convinces herself the gang have come back to finish the job. In meltdown, she grabs the nearest heavy object and bashes the intruder over the head – but just who has Nicola struck, and are they badly injured?

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