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As the pressure mounts, a desperate Leyla turns to drugs yet again – leading to a huge shock for David...

After everything he has been through over the past few years, it’s no surprise that Jacob is looking forward to making a fresh start at university. But he still needs his parents’ support, and this week David starts to lose patience with Leyla’s selfish behaviour and accuses her of not being there for her son.

His words strike a chord, and after succumbing to temptation and snorting a line of cocaine to calm herself down, she attempts to appease Jacob by offering to help cover the cost of his new accommodation. However, an angry David suspects she’s just throwing cash at the teen to keep him quiet rather than actually taking a sincere interest in his future, and as the pressure mounts – and the effects of her addiction take their toll – Leyla’s work suffers and she’s devastated when Kim gives her the boot as her wedding planner.

Requiring something to help her cope, Leyla lines up another hit, but this time her luck runs out and David catches her red-handed. Although she tries to lie her way out of trouble, her ex is no fool and announces that he’s going to tell Liam about her problem so he can get her the help she needs. In a panic, she begs him to keep quiet.

Undeterred, David messages Liam asking to meet and, desperate, Leyla attempts to convince him that he has given her the wake-up call she needed – she’s knocked the coke on the head and won’t be indulging again. But is she telling the truth?

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