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Coronation Street

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Now that Stephen has put the idea in her head, Sarah’s determined to push on with her plans to expand Underworld. However, when Audrey announces this week that she’s changed her mind about signing for the trust fund, her scheming son realises she’s unwittingly called his bluff, and he needs to do something drastic to avoid ruin…

Meanwhile, Spider’s mate Griff tells Carla that her new business associate Nadeem is notorious for his unethical working practices, and she could do major damage to her reputation if she pushes ahead with their deal. When she admits it’s too late to back out now, it only strengthens a furious Sarah’s resolve to cut her out of the factory. But as she and Stephen pore over their options to finance a takeover, she lets slip that Jenny is the sole owner of the Rovers, and he spies another way to get what he wants.

Over at the pub, Jenny has resigned herself to the fact that her relationship with Leo is over, and despite a show of bravadoin front of Rita, she’s devastated – but while she drowns her sorrows, Stephen pounces. As he flirts up a storm, the tipsy landlady is flattered by his attentions and drags him to the back room, where she grabs him for a passionate kiss!

However, what Jenny doesn’t realise is that Leo is on his way back to see her – and he’s got an engagement ring in his pocket. Will he find her in a very compromising position with another man?

Coronation Street
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