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With her wedding day fast approaching, Fiz is feeling the strain this week as Mimi makes herself at home at No 9. But she’s not the only cuckoo in the happy couple’s nest when a beautiful woman arrives on the Street and introduces herself as Camilla – Phill’s ex-wife!

Stunned, Fiz seeks answers from her fiancé and, saying he has no idea why Camilla has turned up, he reassures her that she’s the one he loves and he can’t wait to marry her. But while he’s adamant his former spouse is no threat to their relationship, Fiz’s ex certainly is, as Tyrone decides he needs to tell her how he feels before it’s too late.

Sadly, it seems he has no choice but to admit defeat when Fiz confesses that, while she still loves him, she can’t trust him and that she will be getting married to Phill. However, a game of Mr & Mrs at the hen night proves Camilla knows the groom far better than she does, and Fiz is horrified when she announces she and Phill are still in love and that he’s sent her several emails begging for them to reunite!

Confronted, Phill denies all knowledge of the messages, and as the finger of suspicion is firmly pointed in Mimi’s direction, she’s banished from the house and the wedding.

As the big day dawns, it seems the final obstacles to Fiz and Phill’s happiness have been overcome, and despite a last-minute hitch with the registrar, they’re soon ready to marry. Will they get their happy ever after?

FROM ITV STRICT EMBARGO - No Use Before Tuesday 28th June 2022 Coronation Street - Ep 1068586 Friday 8th July 2022 With the wedding about to start Evelyn Plummer [MAUREEN LIPMAN] and Tyrone Dobbs [ALAMN HALSALL] take their seats and watch as the Phill [JAMIE KENNA] and Fiz Stape [JENNI EMcALPINE] prepare to take their vows. Will it all go to plan? Picture contact - Photographer - Danielle Baguley This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the programme or event mentioned above, or ITV plc. Once made available by ITV plc Picture Desk, this photograph can be reproduced once only up until the transmission [TX] date and no reproduction fee will be charged. Any subsequent usage may incur a fee. This photograph must not be manipulated [excluding basic cropping] in a manner which alters the visual appearance of the person photographed deemed detrimental or inappropriate by ITV plc Picture Desk. This photograph must not be syndicated to any other company, publication or website, or permanently archived, without the express written permission of ITV Picture Desk. Full Terms and conditions are available on
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