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Despite the fact that Griff has been brought to justice, his malignant influence is still being felt around the Street, and this week it becomes clear that Max hasn’t quite overcome his indoctrination on the subject of race relations. And, sadly, he’s not the only one…

When Daryan drops into the café with some flyers promoting the refugee drop-in session at Speed Daal, Max rejects his suggestion he might like to join them, and as David prepares dinner, he’s unaware his son is watching a livestream of Blake outside the restaurant delivering a racist rant. As he views the footage, the lad sees his old schoolmate heading inside to target Maria as she delivers her speech welcoming the refugees and offering support – and it’s then that events spiral horrifically out of control…

Finally confronted with the bitter consequences of the hatred he’s helped to incite, Max is forced to tell Gail and David that Blake is claiming it was his videos that inspired him to take such shocking action. Summoning Adam and Sarah to No 8, his dad demands he show them the offending footage and the entire family are shocked at the array of racist material on Max’s computer. Scared stiff, they warn him that he could be charged with encouraging terrorism – which carries a 10-year prison sentence.

As Max reels in shock, his worst fears are realised when DS Swain walks in and arrests him on suspicion of incitement to murder…

Jenny in the Rovers
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